Electronic Data Management Practice

Data is the new high octane fuel for business.

In the 60s, it was Crude Oil.
In the 70s, it was Chemicals.
In the 80s, it was Hardware/Computers.
In the 90s, it was Software/Applications.

Today, data is the new fuel to drive business and Enterprise Data Management is the engine pumping the fuel through the system.

With unlimited data sources, structured vs. non-structured data, the need to partner with an expert has never been more important. But, is bigger necessarily better. MRCC Solutions EDM Practice offers large firm expertise and capability with small firm client service and dedication.

EDM Business Case Program

Align your business requirements, organization goals and initiate enterprise data management (EDM) with the help of compelling business cases presented by our experienced Analysts/Solution Architects.

Our experts can help you define a problem statement and coordinate an end-to-end implementation process apart from reporting procedures and contractual activities.

For a detailed case analysis, we conduct a series of workshops using our exhaustive three-step framework to help:

  • Define the EDM scope
  • Determine the organization's readiness
  • Align solutions with the business values and visions
  • Develop an organization governing framework & process
  • Define the data quality scorecards
  • Implement recommendations

Data Quality Assessment Service

During a meeting, we first conduct four mini workshops to gather and understand your business requirements for data quality. The three goals of these workshops are to evaluate:
Using a sample set of your data and the quality rules collected, we conduct the initial data assessment and produce data quality scorecards. The scorecards establish a baseline for understanding:
  • The Quality of your data
  • The Greatest opportunities for improvement

Data Quality Assessment

MRCC Solutions conducts a data quality assessment for an agreed upon number of source systems. The engagement consists of three steps of activities and two deliverables as defined below:
Step 1 : Conduct On-site Workshops
Conduct workshops to capture the best practices for governing data in the following areas:
  • Determine core data & content principles:
    • Data Access & Navigation
    • Data Processing
    • Data Terms and Definitions
    • Data Quality Maps
  • Document data quality requirements specific to your business needs
Step 2 : Conduct Remotely
Conduct workshops to capture the best practices for governing data in the following areas:
  • Begin applying the data quality rules by walking through the following steps:
    • Analyse the source data repositories

    • Cleanse and standardize observations

    • Match and merge data by consolidation recommendations, including de-duping.

  • Complete the data quality scorecard classifying the areas of data quality concerns, prioritize the areas that need attention and that provide the highest returns.
  • Document the next steps and recommendations based on the findings uncovered during the Assessment.
  • Update the data quality requirements as requested.
Step 3 : Conduct Onsite Stakeholder Meeting
Review the deliverables with your team.

Data Cleansing Service

The MRCC Solutions data cleansing service provides a two-step process to cleanse your company’s data. Using automated software assisted (ASA) strategies and collaboration to help determine the best approach, we use the knowledge captured during our data quality assessment to automatically process your data and suggest replacements or corrections. The subsequent step of collaboration allows the data manager, or owner to approve, reject, or modify the changes proposed by the ASA during the first step of cleansing.

Engagement Details

Step 1 : ASA - Conducted Remotely
  • Review the data quality assessment for business rules and mapping
  • Specify the database table/view or an Excel file that contains the source data to be cleansed
  • Map the data fields to be cleansed
  • Run the automated software assist cleansing process
Step 2 : Interactive Cleansing - Conducted Onsite
Conduct workshops to capture the best practices for governing data in the following areas:
  • Based on the ASA cleansing process, provide the data manager or owner with the information that they need to make a decision about changing their data.
  • Begin applying the data quality rules, processing for the interactive and final updates.
  • Verify automated and interactive updates and decide whether to approve or reject changes.
  • Merge the updates for the final version to complete the cleansing process.
  • Update the data quality requirements documentation with next steps and recommendations based on findings uncovered during the cleansing process.
Step 3 : Conducted Onsite Stakeholder Meeting
Review the deliverables with your team.

Data Governance Service

Our EDM solutions cover the entire data management lifecycle starting from data creation to data archival. Our data managing program includes:

Consultation & Development Services: To help define your management strategies and technology planning, we offer consultations and development plans.

Management Services: For master data management we implement services for data control, data quality, data cleansing and data integration.

Delivery Services: We offer analytic applications to help improve your business performance by providing useful information.

EDM Solution Implementations

Our Implementation package is designed to accelerate the development and rollout of your EDM program and/or your technology solutions. With More than 25 years of experience, our EDM team provides a program delivery procedure specifically designed to improve the success of your project. Working with your team, we develop the best package for your environment, needs and project goals.
The MRCC EDM Solution provides on-site services focused on the following program phases:
  • Planning Requirement Analysis
  • Design
  • Development and Implementation
  • Rollout Support

EDM Support & Maintenance

At MRCC, our talented and experienced team supports our client's infrastructure regardless of what their EDM platform or technology is. We offer maintenance and support services in the following areas:
  • System Administration
  • System Design and Deployment
  • User Administration
  • Performance Analysis, Tuning and Capacity Planning
  • Security Administration and Auditing
  • Operational Procedures Development
  • Back-up and Recovery Planning

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