Custom & Mobile Application

Custom & Mobile Application Development

Custom is a word that tends to make people run the other way and we understand. You have heard the stories of partnering with the wrong team and finding bureaucracy, time consumption, pain and excessive cost.

Let MRCC Solutions show how custom and mobile application development is supposed to be.

Advantages of choosing MRCC Solutions

With over 15 years of developing custom and mobile applications, we bring:

  • The knowledge to scope your project correctly on the front end to avoid excessive cost
  • The business and engineering background to understand the direction you are wanting to pursue and to ask the right questions to remove pain
  • The talented staff and rigorous process-driven approach to avoid time consumption, and
  • The project management and leadership to eliminate bureaucracy

Rapidly changing business processes and ever-evolving customer demands have created your need for a custom / mobile application so why would you want to force yourself to utilize software that does not fit your needs. Customized solutions are a better way for companies to control IT expenditure and integrate value to their results. We assure solutions in all phases of your mobile development life cycle with innovative strategies, consistent quality and long-lasting business value.

MRCC is CMMI Level 3 certified organization.

Solution highlights and key differentiators

Skills and Expertise

We have a team of highly experienced and skilled developers with the latest technologies and architectures.


We create solutions that are scalable and adjustable according to client feedback at any phase of the project lifecycle.

Financial Value

We focus on innovations in our customized solutions helping reduce business costs and increase profits.

Efficient Time Management

We deliver solutions within stipulated timeframes without compromising on quality and security.

Priority to Client’s Perspective

We provide customized data reports allowing clients to view the data from their perspective, or in a way that they find convenient.

Better Resource Management

We offer a platform for better management of resources and processes.

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