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Corporate Learning

Delivering customized and personalized learning environment through effective learning design, core content development & latest technology

In today’s world with increased competition and constantly changing environments, transformation is the key for the companies to survive. We at MRCC provide managed learning services understanding the corporates learning goals and transform them from a cost center to a profit center. We believe in delivering the best-in-class learning solutions with the flexible resourcing models and proven instructional design methodologies.

Our competencies include cutting-edge learning solutions like Blended Learning, Digital Learning, video-based Learning, bite-sized Learning, product explainer videos, etc. giving your learners on-demand access and real-time updates. Everything we design includes measurable metrics and our portfolio of leading learning strategies and technologies improves performance and meets the specific needs of your learners.

Educational Publishing

MRCC's eLearning content solutions also include editorial services for Pre K-12 and higher educational publishers.

Make the operations of your organization more efficient by automating processes, capitalizing on the right technology solutions which in turn increase profit margins. MRCC develops content meeting your customers requirement and also offers editorial services for pre-K1 and higher education publishers. We offer content authoring and publishing services inclusive of Interactive eBooks, Pre-press & Editorial Services, ePub Authoring & Publishing, Content Authoring, Assessment Creation and Localization.

We have developed number of courses, flexible learning content and responsive mobile designs with best learning practices to keep publishers ahead of the technology enhancements. MRCC offers you a gamut of customizable software applications and interactive media which includes UI/UX Designs, 2D/3D Animations, video production, Illustrations & Infographics, Content Modernization, etc.

content development

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